Distributor and supplier of  blank patches as wide as 14" for back jackets. We manufacture blank patches as wide as 14" for back jackets. We are also a  distributor and supplier of  blank patches to screenprinters, embroiderers, embroidery catalogs, uniform companies, small businesses, athletic shops for sports letters and numbers. Prices are affordable. You can simply put a name or your logo on it whether screenprinted or embroidered. See our namepatches!  Available in 1 set ( 5 pcs) of specified sizes and shapes: oval, rectangular, square or circular, in a wide assortment of fabric and border thread  Ccolors.  Check out the various Patch Shapes.   Order your Blank Patch Sample! or  Email us of specific shape and size for your needs.                                                 


Blank Rect


Blank Circle

Blank Oval


Blank Square         Blank Bottom Rocker               Blank Top Rocker   


 Blank Capsule                      Blank Military Tag                         Blank Military Shield

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Blank patches are custom orders. Please allow for production time. They are cut to your specific size, shape and colors. We make them as you order them, therefore they are not returnable as we cannot resell them.

Please note that BLANK patches have no embroidery. They are blank fabric materials with merrowed border sold in a set of 5pcs and used by screenprinters and embroiderers to embroider or print their own design. There are no special backing, no adhesives, no velcros. If you want embroidered patches with iron on backing, here is the link to order: Order Embroidered Name Patches.


How To Use the Blank Patches For Embroidery:

Blank patches are custom orders. Please allow for production time. They are cut to your specific size, shape and colors. We make them as you order them.

These blank patches do not come with adhesives. Adhesives are normally put after screenprinting or embroidering. You can buy the adhesives from any fabric stores.

It is better buying the finished blank patches rather than making your own. Companies who sell blank patches have specific merrowing machine just for the purpose of producing a clean professional looking patch. When you buy blank pre-made patches, you need to digitize a shape line. This is a placement line that goes exactly around the shape of the patch and can be easily digitized by scanning the blank patch. Once scanned in, follow the shape of the patch accurately for good registration. If you have done much applique, then you will know this shape line as an applique outline stitch. It lets you know where to place your blank patch for stitching. Once you have digitized your outline stitch for the patch you have chosen, insert your design into that shape. Make sure it is centered, or in the correct place within that outline stitching.
Once you have merged your new design with the outline stitch, you are ready to stitch. With this technique, you do not have a big piece of fabric to frame, so use an adhesive backing instead. This is a backing that is similar to Wonder Under, except that you peel the paper off to expose the sticky adhesive side.
Cut a square of adhesive backing larger than your hoop size. Frame the backing paper-side-up. Once framed, score around the inside edge of the hoop. Then peel the paper away, exposing the adhesive. The first thing that the machine sews is the outline stitch you added to your design. After it has sewn the placement line, lay down your blank patch. The adhesive will secure the patch so that you can continue sewing the design. Once the design is completed, simply tear your patch away from the adhesive backing.
Congratulations! You've successfully created your patch.