Loose Letters - Athletic Twill

Loose letters are iron ons that can be applied onto your garments. Sold individually. Material choices are athletic twill polyester fabric cut to shape letters with zig-zag stitched edge. You can also choose thermofilm or thermoflock materials. Available in 1 color or 2 colors.

Athletic letterings numbers are custom orders. Please allow for production time. We do not have them in stock as we cannot keep up with customers' preference on colors and sizes. We make them as you order them per your specifications, therefore they are not returnable.

Order Loose Letters - Varsity

Order Loose Letters - Pro Block

Choose Athletic Twill material with or without zigzag on the edge. Sold individually.

Order Loose Letters - Script

Order Loose Letter Number Background Plate

Fabric Background Name Plate for letters numbers to sew on. It is a blank fabric polyester twill material,  the same material used for letters numbers. Size ranges from 12" to 20" wide. Rectangular with straight or rounded  corners. Height varies per letter numbers sizes. Border is merrowed with your choice of colors.